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Genius fit watch is a brand with passionate people with the purpose of making our clients life easier and better. Our team is integrated by professionals on the health and fitness area, always developing the best technology for our smart watches.

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Our mission.

Genius fit watch we are dedicated 100% for our users,
always creating new ways to make their life's
healthier and dinamic, our misssion is to keep
developing the best fitness watch.

Our goal.

On Genius, our goal is to create a relationship with our user,
where they feel like they can trust our products and feel
free to use them on all of their daily baisis, at the same time
push them to have a healthier and pro-active life.

Our clients

Geniusfitwatch ernst ambroise

Ernst Ambroise

I am happy that I chose this company. I wear my
watch every day, whether I am working out, in the
pool, or at work, I wear it all the time. It tracks my
sleep, heart rate, blood pressure, how many steps I
take in a day and I can set it to track how many
calories i bum during a workout. If you are looking
for a smart combination, I recommend


Geniusfitwatch temperature

Patricia Quintero

I have always been forgetful, with my menstrual
cycle, but that is a thing of the past, since I have
my genius fit watch, the device alerts me when my
fertile days are and gives me reminders of the days
until my period arrives. It is perfect!


Geniusfitwatch testimonial rolando hurtado

Rolando Hurtado

Genius Fit has been an excellent tool in my daily
training day, in my races and due to my
hypertensive condition I must frequently monitor
my pressure. Genius offers me the option to
receive the readings every hour. It is useful, easy to
operate and visually attractive. Genius Fit Watch
is the best option currently on the market for its
value for money and functionality


Betsy Dopico

I love Genius Fit Watch, it is my best friend anywhere, also I really like the experience that I've living with my watch and I hope to have a very long relationship with this amazing fitness tracker.


Meet our CEO.

Learn his inspiring story and what brought
him to create Genius fit watch.

“My name is Richard Guerrero, I’m a bussiness developer, I’m a resilient and acknowledge man. I emigrated from my native country, Venezuela to the United States, when I was only 19. I went trough a lot of obstacles and still almost 25 years later, to this day they keep shapin me to have capacity and the acknowledge to achive my goals..”

Join the Evolution.
Be a Genius.

Genius Watch maintains a youthful enthusiasm in everything we do. We strive to generate positive energy and a friendly virtual community for our customers, partners and team every day.

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"My name is Richard Guerrero, I am a Developer Business and a man of resilience and learning. The  project that I carry out together with my team has shown us that our environment has changed to being  homodioses or people assisted by technology and we must trace our path with it. I started this process  to understand the need to change lives, in addition to finding a mission in mine, with this, I want to make  our Hispanic community understand that it must be part of this change and that perseverance and  discipline is vital to fulfill dreams, always having an open mind to solutions and new knowledge.

"    Richard, wanting to get out of his comfort zone and in search of a mission that leaves a mark on others,  came to the United States at the age of 19, emigrating from his native country, Venezuela. Our CEO says  that he went through many obstacles that, after almost 25 years, have shaped him to this day and  continue to train him to have the capacity and knowledge to achieve his objectives. 

  "I settled in New York and worked in the gastronomic area for a while, however, in search of better  opportunities I moved to Tampa looking to capitalize on the projects I had in mind; 8 years later I moved  to Miami. Living in these states I could have the opportunity to learn Portuguese, Italian and improve my  level of English, I began to study Business Administration and started with a coffee. Later, in 2015, I  founded an office maintenance franchise, and then, seeing the need of the tourists to make their life  easier on their vacations, I decided to invest in a Rent Car.

"    Going through different experiences, Richard entered the world of real estate, became a member of  Billboard magazine and all this thanks to the curiosity he had and the desire to learn new things, grow  personally and, above all, the need to create something that will leave an important legacy in the  community. These businesses allowed him to build a wide field of work and a good network of  contacts, giving him the knowledge he needed to continue with his purpose. 

  "However, life made me understand that there can always be obstacles along the way," says our CEO,  "because when I thought I was achieving stability, I lost everything, I went through very critical moments  going through an emotional crisis, leaving aside the really important, it was difficult for me to fall asleep,  concentrate or motivate myself, I lost my appetite, I went through episodes of anxiety, obesity and  irritability. Those were difficult times, which even so, I used to my advantage and with the support of my  wife, we began to find a solution and exit to the emotional hole in which I had to fall to realize what and  who I was counting on.   

From there, I began to attend psychologists, train and change my life with other habits both physical and  mental, I realized that I could not continue like this and if I had started from scratch, I could do it again. I  noticed that I was not the only person who went through critical situations, that depression really is a  global problem and that it affects you a lot, and much more in times of confinement that we as humanity  had to go through; I organized and materialized my ideas, I consulted with fitness trainers, developers,  professionals in the digital, technological and marketing areas; With it, I discovered that I could have in  my hands to change people's lives, thus finding a purpose on which to focus. "   

From this purpose, Genius Fit Watch was born, a company that develops devices to change and improve  the lifestyle of the community that is willing to become a Genius in body and mind. 

  "I had finally found a mission that could leave a significant mark on people. Our technology, which allows  monitoring of sleep and physical data focused on values ​​such as blood pressure, heartbeat, distances  traveled in steps and kilometers, calories burned and adding the functions that can be used for the  development of day-to-day activities such as personalized reminders, alarms, remote family care modes,  group training and many other functions that we adapt to the needs of people like me who they wanted  to turn their lives 180 °. 

  In fact, we continue to adapt to situations that change our lifestyle, because recently, thanks to the  pandemic, we decided to develop and include a new function that helps the diagnosis of COVID-19; high  fever is one of the most common symptoms in most viruses and infections, and Genius Fit Watch  notifies you with its body temperature measurement if it is not within normal values, once again  assisting our community's need to care for and focus on their health and that of their loved ones dear. 

  Currently, I live in Los Angeles, I am the founder and CEO of Genius Fit Watch and I am focused on  undertaking, learning and achieving my goal together with my team to contribute with our technology  that is at the service of the community and anyone who wants to change their life . " 


"Mi nombre es Richard Guerrero, soy Developer Business y un hombre de resilencia y aprendizaje. El  proyecto que llevo acabo junto a mi equipo nos ha demostrado que nuestro entorno ha cambiado a ser  homodioses o personas asistidas por la tecnologia y debemos trazar nuestro camino de la mano de  ella. Me adentré en este proceso para entender la necesidad de cambiar vidas, además de encontrar  una misión en la mía, con esto quiero hacerle entender a nuestra comunidad hispana que debe ser parte  de este cambio y que la constancia y disciplina es vital para cumplir sueños, teniendo siempre la mente  abierta a las soluciones y nuevos conocimientos."
Richard, queriendo salir de su zona de confort y en busca de una misión que deje una marca en los  demás, llegó a Estados Unidos a los 19 años, emigrando de su país natal, Venezuela. Nuestro CEO  cuenta que atravesó muchos obstaculos que, después de casi 25 años, al día de hoy lo han formado y lo  siguen formando para tener la capacidad y el conocimiento para lograr sus objetivos. 

"Me radiqué en Nueva York y trabaje en el area gastronómica por un tiempo, sin embargo, en la  busqueda de mejores oportunidades me mudé a Tampa buscando capitalizarme para los proyectos que  tenia en mente; 8 años después me mudé Miami. En mi paso por estos estados tuve la oportunidad de  aprender portugués, italiano y mejorar mi nivel de inglés, comencé a estudiar Business Administration y  emprendí con un café. Posteriormente, en el 2015, fundé una franquicia de mantenimiento de oficinas, y  luego, viendo la necesidad de los turistas de hacer su vida más fácil en sus vacaciones, decidí invertir en  un Rent Car." 

Pasando por distintas experiencias, Richard se adentró en el mundo de las bienes raíces, logró ser socio  de la revista Billboard y todo esto gracias a la curiosidad que tenia y las ganas de aprender cosas  nuevas, crecer personalmente y, sobretodo, a la necesidad de crear algo que dejara un legado  importante en la comunidad. Estos negocios le permitieron construir un campo laboral amplio y una  buena red de contactos, dándole los conocimientos que necesitaba para continuar con su propósito. 

"Sin embargo, la vida me hizo entender que siempre se pueden presentar obstáculos en el camino,  -cuenta nuestro CEO- pues cuando creía lograr una estabilidad, lo perdí todo, pasé por momentos muy  críticos atravesando por una crisis emocional, dejando de lado lo realmente importante, se me  dificultaba conciliar el sueño, concentrarme o motivarme, perdí el apetito, pasé por episodios de  ansiedad, obesidad e irritabilidad. Fueron tiempos dificiles, que aún así, usé a mi favor y con el apoyo de  mi esposa, empezamos a buscar una solución y salida al hoyo emocional en el que tuve que caer para  darme cuenta de con qué y con quién contaba. 

A partir de allí, comencé a asistir a psicólogos, entrenarme y cambiar mi vida con otros hábitos tanto  físicos como mentales, me di cuenta que no podía seguir así y si había empezado desde cero, podía  volver a hacerlo. Noté que yo no era la unica persona que pasaba por situaciones críticas, que la  depresión realmente es un problema mundial y que afecta a muchos, y más en los tiempos de  confinamiento que como humanidad tuvimos que atravesar; ordené y materialice mis ideas, me asesoré  con fitness trainers, desarrolladores, profesionales en el área digital, tecnológica y del marketing; con  ello, descubrí que podía tener en mis manos el cambiar la vida de las personas, encontrando así un  propósito en qué enfocarme." 

De dicho propósito, nació Genius Fit Watch, una empresa que desarrolla dispositivos para cambiar y  mejorar el estilo de vida de la comunidad que esté dispuesta a convertirse en un Genio en cuerpo y  mente. 

"Por fin había encontrado una misión que podía dejar una huella significativa en las personas. Nuestra  tecnología, que permite monitorear el sueño y la data fisica enfocada en valores como la presión  arterial, latidos cardiacos, distancias recorridas en pasos y en kilómetros, calorías quemadas y  añadiendo las funciones que pueden ser utilizadas para el desarrollo de actividades en el día a día como  recordatorios personalizados, alarmas, modos de cuidado de familiares de forma remota,  entrenamientos en grupo y muchas otras funciones que adaptamos a las necesidades de personas  como yo que quisieron darle un giro de 180° a su vida. 

De hecho, seguimos adaptándonos a las situaciones que cambian nuestro estilo de vida, pues  recientemente, gracias a la pandemia, decidimos desarrollar e incluir una función nueva que ayude al  diagnóstico del COVID-19, la fiebre alta es uno de los sintomas más comunes en la mayoría de los virus  e infecciones, y Genius Fit Watch te notifica con su medición de temperatura corporal si ésta no está en  valores normales, asistiendo una vez más la necesidad de nuestra comunidad de cuidar y enfocarse en  su salud y de la de sus seres queridos. 

Actualmente, vivo en Los Ángeles, soy fundador y CEO de Genius Fit Watch y estoy enfocado en  emprender, aprender y alcanzar mi objetivo junto a mi equipo de aportar con nuestra tecnología que  está al servicio de la comunidad y a todo aquel que quiera cambiar su vida." 

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